Watch the eCW Podcast to hear eClinicalWorks customers and industry experts discuss how healthcare IT helps deliver integrated care. Join us for inspiration to transform your organization!

Join us for a live eCW Podcast with Dr. Ammar as he shares his experience with eClinicalWorks V12, discussing the new features that have improved workflows and documentation time in his practice. Dr. Ammar also shares how his practice stays updated on the latest features and training for eClinicalWorks V12. Learn how eClinicalWorks V12 can enhance clinical workflows in healthcare practices from a provider's perspective.

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Discover how Carson Medical Group streamlined its operations and improved patient engagement by transitioning to eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR and healow patient engagement solutions. We discuss the benefits of the solutions, including improved productivity, reduced costs, streamlined documentation, and increased patient satisfaction. We also explore how PRISMA has helped providers access clinical data seamlessly. 

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In this episode, we talk to Eileen Testa from Ninth Street Internal Medicine about the advantages of using healow Pay for medical billing. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, healow Pay has led to a 100% increase in cash collected and improved patient satisfaction. Listen in to learn how healow Pay makes medical billing faster and more efficient for patients and staff.

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Discover how eClinicalTouch 4 has enhanced primary care services at Innova. Join David Uptagrafft, CFO and director of healthcare experience, as he shares how the platform has streamlined workflows, improved patient experiences, and reduced costs. Learn about the benefits of mobile documentation, healow TeleVisits, and streamlined data entry. Tune in to hear how eClinicalTouch 4 has enabled Innova to seamlessly provide comprehensive and interactive care. 

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Join Orlando Perez, MIS director at Betances Health Center, in this podcast as he shares their success story of optimizing EHR with eClinicalWorks. Learn how EHR optimization improved patient outcomes through streamlined operations and combating physician burnout. Please tune in to discover how it can benefit your practice. 

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Howard Shpritz from Total Health Care shares how AI is helping practices improve operations and patient access by predicting and rescuing missed appointments. Howard discusses Total Health Care's experience with no-shows, the information they get from the healow no-show prediction AI model, and the success of their outreach. This podcast is a must-listen for healthcare providers looking to improve patient access and revenue.

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Discover the power of the eClinicalWorks® Practice Growth Management (PGM) Dashboard in our latest episode. Join our guest, Cyril Thomas, as he discusses the importance of growth strategies for medical practices and how the PGM Dashboard can help you achieve your goals. Gain insights on key performance indicators (KPIs) for front, mid, and back-office operations, and learn how to leverage these metrics to make data-driven decisions for your practice.

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Discover how custom reports in the eClinicalWorks Business Optimizer™(eBO®) can enhance patient care by offering a more comprehensive understanding of your patient population. In this podcast, we speak with Ron Franklin, Senior Health Information Analyst at Hampton Roads Community Health Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, about how implementing custom reports has given them better insight into their practice. Learn about the custom productivity report that tracks patient visits, allowing them to close gaps and increase provider productivity. With the help of these reports, Hampton Roads has managed to improve its overall productivity from 60% to 75% and aims to reach 90% in the future. Ron also shares a hack for using eBO without interruptions. Harness the power of custom reports and transform the effectiveness of your practice.

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The eCW Podcast speaks with Geli King-Brown, senior director of quality management at Healing Hands Ministries (HHM), about how her organization is expanding its locations and services to extend healthcare to those who can’t afford it. Geli discusses how the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program has helped the organization standardize the care it provides by establishing policies, procedures, and workflows. By using eClinicalWorks® PCMH and HEDIS analytics, HHM can identify subgroups of their patient population with specific conditions or diseases and see the quality improvement process around them. With the embedded reports, Geli and her team can efficiently track and monitor their progress, share those results with their patients, and highlight healthcare champions at work. The game-changing result is that Geli and her team can identify what works and what doesn’t while continuously striving to improve their care.

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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, Deputy Patient Safety Officer Paula Bigwood discusses the importance of staying informed about patient safety, security, and compliance, and how eCW is making it easier for teams to keep up with critical updates. The redesigned safety, security, and compliance dashboard on the support portal includes six tabs to help users sort and filter advisories according to specific issues. The dashboard also allows users to view statistics specific to their role and edit their patient safety officer list. These enhancements will help users stay informed and ensure patient safety. Check it out.

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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, we dive into the latest V12 enhancements of PRISMA, the industry's first health information search engine. PRISMA streamlines the way clinicians access and analyze patient data. It consolidates internal and external information from various encounters into a unified, easy-to-search platform. With the new features in V12, clinicians can effortlessly search and filter clinical data, analyze lab results, and view problem-based information for patients with multiple diseases. Experience seamless integration within your practice as PRISMA is conveniently accessible through various touchpoints, such as the right chart panel, floating toolbar, and native EMR screens. Watch now and discover how PRISMA can revolutionize your clinical workflow.

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In this episode of eCW podcast Dr. Seth Eaton from MedPeds in Laurel, Maryland, discusses the adoption of version 12 of eClinicalWorks Electronic Medical Records. The upgrade to version 12 was browser-based and a major cultural shift from the desktop version earlier. Some of the new features that have had the biggest impact on productivity are better-managed order sets and macros, and easier ways of communicating with patients through messenger, web, and text. The transition to version 12 not only brought about positive changes in billing but also took advantage of the educational components of the National Conference. 

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In the latest episode of eCW Podcast, Morgan Borenstein highlights the newest enhancements to healow TeleVists, along with introducing healow Meet. Hear about the five-step activation wizard, sending messages to waiting patients, and inviting up to two additional contacts to a TeleVisit. healow Meet group telehealth solution allows healthcare providers and more than one patient at a time, to book and participate in a virtual visit together. This feature can be useful for multi-disciplinary care, case presentations, counseling sessions, behavioral health visits, or any other group sessions.

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In this podcast episode, Kunal Wagh discusses the Safety and Compliance Dashboard feature of eClinicalWorks that helps practices monitor potential patient safety issues and ensure compliance. The dashboard provides access to over 180 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including unlocked encounters, percentage of uncoded allergies, and inaccessible tasks, which can be added to a "watch list" for easy monitoring. By using the dashboard, practices can identify potential issues and take corrective action to ensure patient safety. The dashboard is available to all eClinicalWorks customers by default. It can be accessed by admins and co-admins with the option to grant access to other team members through security settings.

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