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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, Deputy Patient Safety Officer Paula Bigwood discusses the importance of staying informed about patient safety, security, and compliance, and how eCW is making it easier for teams to keep up with critical updates. The redesigned safety, security, and compliance dashboard on the support portal includes six tabs to help users sort and filter advisories according to specific issues. The dashboard also allows users to view statistics specific to their role and edit their patient safety officer list. These enhancements will help users stay informed and ensure patient safety. Check it out.

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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, we dive into the latest V12 enhancements of PRISMA, the industry's first health information search engine. PRISMA streamlines the way clinicians access and analyze patient data. It consolidates internal and external information from various encounters into a unified, easy-to-search platform. With the new features in V12, clinicians can effortlessly search and filter clinical data, analyze lab results, and view problem-based information for patients with multiple diseases. Experience seamless integration within your practice as PRISMA is conveniently accessible through various touchpoints, such as the right chart panel, floating toolbar, and native EMR screens. Watch now and discover how PRISMA can revolutionize your clinical workflow.

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