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In the tenth episode of the eCW Podcast, our host Greg Cusato sits down with Lauren Borgmann, the EMR Program Manager, and Sheila Allen, the Manager of Quality and Performance Improvement, from HealthNet, to talk about their personal experience with eClinicalWorks as a Community Health Center. They touch upon topics such as the great support behind eClinicalWorks, their experiences upgrading to V10, and how eCW has made their reporting easier and more accurate.

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In the 9th episode of the eCW Podcasts, we visited with Dr. Michael Rocklin, Director of Clinical Quality, and Dr. Michael Shapiro, President and CEO, both of Denver Nephrology. The trio tackles the ins and outs of eClinicalWorks eBO and how it has helped to improve the practice and the reports run throughout the year.

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In the seventh eCW Podcast, host Adam Siladi conducts a follow-up Meaningful Use (MU) podcast with Kathryn Johnson, an internal Meaningful Use expert, discussing the specifics of meeting Stage 2 requirements with eClinicalWorks. During this episode, Kathryn discusses tips and tricks, and outlines specifics in order for eCW users to easily meet the MU Stage 2 requirements.

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Accessing and managing care anytime, anywhere, and putting the patient in control of their health was the thought-provoking topic for the sixth eCW Podcast. The episode featured Dr. St. Claire, from St. Claire Medical, who spoke at great length about his initiatives to keep patients engaged in their health.

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In the fifth episode of the eCW Podcast, host Adam Siladi sat down with Dr. Mark Vaughan and Dr. Gawayne Vaughan, better known as the Dr. Vaughans, from Auburn Medical Group. The three spoke about the use of the ever popular Patient Portal at the practice.

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The fourth eCW Podcast features Dr. Daren Wu, the Chief Medical Doctor at Open Door Family Medical Center, discussing his experience working at the community health center. Providing quality and affordable healthcare to the Hudson River Community, Open Door has nine locations and 78 providers, serving over 40,000 active patients, with over 200,000 visits annually.


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We welcome Dr. Nemishh Mehta and Dr. Shilpa Mehta, from Bear Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Newark, Delaware, for the third eCW Podcast. These long-time users (2004) of eClinicalWorks discuss how the EHR has helped to improve their Internal Medicine and Pediatric practice. The intuitively designed solution was easy to learn and allowed for development of specialty-specific tools and templates.

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The second eCW Podcast features Aaron Ibrahimi, eCW host, who discusses eClinicalMobile with Dr. Michael Dominguez from HealthTexas Medical Group. Dr. Dominquez educates our listeners about how this remarkable technology has improved his practice. A beta client for eClinicalMobile since 2009, Dr. Dominguez has thoroughly enjoyed having real-time access to vital information when away from the office. Overall, the app has improved his productivity, as he now has 24/7 access to the eClinicalWorks EMR in the office.

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The inaugural eCW Podcast features Adam Siladi, as the eCW Podcast Host, and Elizabeth Schreiner, Meaningful Use Consultant, discussing Meaningful Use (MU). They offer insight into some of the upcoming adjustments for 2014, and catch up on the common changes missed in 2013. Also touched upon are each stage of MU, overall benefits, and a reminder about the past March 31 deadline for Medicare reporting.

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For the 8th eCW Podcast episode our hosts, Adam Siladi, Aaron Ibrahimi, Erin Sullivan and Greg Cusato sat down to recap the first seven episodes. Throughout the podcast, the team recounts many amusing moments during filming and the obvious thrills of traveling. The majority of the humorous instances come from overcoming the initial learning curve of starting a podcast series from scratch. Each also notes learning various efficiencies providers have experienced while utilizing eClinicalWorks.

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