Watch the eCW Podcast to hear eClinicalWorks customers and industry experts discuss how healthcare IT helps deliver integrated care. Join us for inspiration to transform your organization!

Discover eClinicalWorks® Business Optimizer (eBO®) reports with Eric Pamperin from Indiana Health Centers. Discover how eBO reports help healthcare practices analyze and utilize data effectively, identify gaps and areas of improvement, and streamline practice workflows. Learn about the real-world impact of implementing custom eBO reports to save time, optimize resources, and ensure the highest quality of patient care. Explore the immense potential of eBO reports and how they can drive success in your healthcare practice 

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Join us for a live eCW Podcast with Dr. Ammar as he shares his experience with eClinicalWorks V12, discussing the new features that have improved workflows and documentation time in his practice. Dr. Ammar also shares how his practice stays updated on the latest features and training for eClinicalWorks V12. Learn how eClinicalWorks V12 can enhance clinical workflows in healthcare practices from a provider's perspective.

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Discover how Carson Medical Group streamlined its operations and improved patient engagement by transitioning to eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR and healow patient engagement solutions. We discuss the benefits of the solutions, including improved productivity, reduced costs, streamlined documentation, and increased patient satisfaction. We also explore how PRISMA has helped providers access clinical data seamlessly. 

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In this episode, we talk to Eileen Testa from Ninth Street Internal Medicine about the advantages of using healow Pay for medical billing. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, healow Pay has led to a 100% increase in cash collected and improved patient satisfaction. Listen in to learn how healow Pay makes medical billing faster and more efficient for patients and staff.

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Discover how eClinicalTouch 4 has enhanced primary care services at Innova. Join David Uptagrafft, CFO and director of healthcare experience, as he shares how the platform has streamlined workflows, improved patient experiences, and reduced costs. Learn about the benefits of mobile documentation, healow TeleVisits, and streamlined data entry. Tune in to hear how eClinicalTouch 4 has enabled Innova to seamlessly provide comprehensive and interactive care. 

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Join Orlando Perez, MIS director at Betances Health Center, in this podcast as he shares their success story of optimizing EHR with eClinicalWorks. Learn how EHR optimization improved patient outcomes through streamlined operations and combating physician burnout. Please tune in to discover how it can benefit your practice. 

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Howard Shpritz from Total Health Care shares how AI is helping practices improve operations and patient access by predicting and rescuing missed appointments. Howard discusses Total Health Care's experience with no-shows, the information they get from the healow no-show prediction AI model, and the success of their outreach. This podcast is a must-listen for healthcare providers looking to improve patient access and revenue.

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Discover the power of the eClinicalWorks® Practice Growth Management (PGM) Dashboard in our latest episode. Join our guest, Cyril Thomas, as he discusses the importance of growth strategies for medical practices and how the PGM Dashboard can help you achieve your goals. Gain insights on key performance indicators (KPIs) for front, mid, and back-office operations, and learn how to leverage these metrics to make data-driven decisions for your practice.

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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, we dive into the latest V12 enhancements of PRISMA, the industry's first health information search engine. PRISMA streamlines the way clinicians access and analyze patient data. It consolidates internal and external information from various encounters into a unified, easy-to-search platform. With the new features in V12, clinicians can effortlessly search and filter clinical data, analyze lab results, and view problem-based information for patients with multiple diseases. Experience seamless integration within your practice as PRISMA is conveniently accessible through various touchpoints, such as the right chart panel, floating toolbar, and native EMR screens. Watch now and discover how PRISMA can revolutionize your clinical workflow.

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In the latest episode of eCW Podcast, Morgan Borenstein highlights the newest enhancements to healow TeleVists, along with introducing healow Meet. Hear about the five-step activation wizard, sending messages to waiting patients, and inviting up to two additional contacts to a TeleVisit. healow Meet group telehealth solution allows healthcare providers and more than one patient at a time, to book and participate in a virtual visit together. This feature can be useful for multi-disciplinary care, case presentations, counseling sessions, behavioral health visits, or any other group sessions.

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Abbreviating medications and procedures may be convenient, but physicians today are learning to break old habits and are avoiding abbreviations that can be misinterpreted and lead to patient harm.

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New price transparency rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services required hospitals and hospital-owned organizations to post machine-readable files in plain language that will allow patients to generate estimates for what they will pay for a given medical service. By using the healow Price Transparency tool, medical organizations can comply with CMS rules and gain a competitive advantage by attracting business from consumers who want to know upfront what their out-of-pocket costs will be. For more information book a meeting here: 

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Is your practice still billing patients with paper statements, incurring the costs of printing and postage, putting up with errors, and waiting weeks or even months to get paid? There is a better solution! healow Payment Services lets patients make copayments or settle balances at any point during the cycle of care. Payments can be made through your website, a secure text link sent to a smartphone, or the Patient Portal. In today's healthcare, speed, efficiency, and convenience matter. healow Payment Services provides all three, boosting patient satisfaction while lowering your practice's days in A/R.
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The latest eClinicalWorks Behavioral Health module offers Bridge Community Health Clinic, an FQHC in Wausau, Wisconsin, the tools they need to deliver quality care. Dr. Dakota Kaiser, Clinical Director of Behavioral Health, cites phased treatment plans, the Data, Assessment, and Plan tool, integrated timer, in-place editing, and new options to protect patient confidential as key features for his organization.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pioneer Physicians Network, a 70-provider organization in the Greater Akron, Ohio area decided to “right size” their practice. They used Revenue Cycle Management services from eClinicalWorks to shift burdensome work off their staff, allowing them to maximize the effectiveness of existing personnel and resources. Pioneer centralized their eligibility processes, made check-in more efficient, reduced days in A/R by up to 25%, has improved collections, and enabled providers to meet their quality benchmarks more consistently.

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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, Farah Saeed, a member of the Interoperability Team at eClinicalWorks discusses the importance of practices received ADT (admission, discharge, and transfer) notifications from hospitals for patients under their care. By enabling Direct messaging and using the eClinicalWorks Transition of Care Notifications dashboard, practices can keep up with the status of their patients moving among care settings, helping to ensure they are delivering the best possible care.

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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, host Brian Saal and eClinicalWorks's own Deb Wade discuss how the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) software in eClinicalWorks helps providers run drug checks and safely prescribe opioids and other controlled substances to their patients. They explore how eClinicalWorks works with prescription drug monitoring programs nationwide to ensure prescriptions are warranted and dosages are appropriate. With PDMP from eClinicalWorks, providers have the tools they need to comply with all state and federal regulations, discourage pharmacy shopping, and ensure effective pain control.

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In this edition of the eCW Podcast, we talk with David Uptagrafft, Director of Operations at Innova Primary Care. He discusses how eClinicalWorks® Population Health tools such as eBO® and the eClinicalWorks Chronic Care Management solution have helped Innova accurately track physician performance and outperform many larger organizations’ quality metrics.

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When entries in providers’ Progress Notes don’t match standard abbreviations in the medication database, uncoded allergies can arise. Such uncoded allergies will not trigger drug allergy alerts, which can lead to patient safety issues. eClinicalWorks has developed a mapping tool to automatically convert uncoded allergies to coded allergies, helping providers handle them properly. In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Brian Jacobs explains what uncoded allergies are, how they arise, and how the EHR is helping doctors eliminate them. From penicillin and sulfa drugs to herbal remedies, vitamins, and everything in between, eClinicalWorks is having the last word — and the last abbreviations! — in patient safety.

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To mark National Health Center Week 2021, the eCW Podcast team met with three of the many hundreds of health centers we work with nationwide to learn more about their latest strategies. Our customers share how they are using our telehealth solution, healow TeleVisits™, along with other Patient Engagement tools to expand access to care and reduce no-shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this edition of the eCW Podcast, we hear how Wesley Community and Health Centers in Phoenix, Arizona, a Federally Qualified Health Center, uses eClinicalWorks® to focus on Social Determinants of Health to improve care to it is patients. Wesley also interacts with Aunt Bertha, the nation’s leading referral platform for social services, to connect people seeking help with verified social care providers in their communities.


Tune in now for our National Health Center Week 2021 Podcast Series!

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To mark National Health Center Week 2021, the eCW Podcast team met with three of the many hundreds of health centers we work with nationwide to learn more about their latest strategies. Our customers share how they are using our telehealth solution, healow TeleVisits™, along with other Patient Engagement tools to expand access to care and reduce no-shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this edition of the eCW Podcast, Lizbeth Cobb, Manager of HR Optimization at Mountain Park Health Center in Phoenix, Arizona, explains how the practice has used contactless check-in, online booking, and post-visit surveys to increase convenience for patients, reduce no-shows, and promote healthier medical outcomes.


Tune in now for our National Health Center Week 2021 Podcast Series!

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To mark National Health Center Week 2021, the eCW Podcast team met with three of the many hundreds of health centers we work with nationwide to learn more about their latest strategies. Our customers share how they are using our telehealth solution, healow TeleVisits™, along with other Patient Engagement tools to expand access to care and reduce no-shows during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In this edition of the eCW Podcast, Kirsty Gutierrez, Vice President of Health Center Services at Metro Inclusive Health in St. Petersburg, Florida, explains how her practice has used healow TeleVisits and hello2healow™ to reduce no-shows and expand access to care for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tune in now for our National Health Center Week 2021 Podcast Series!

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In this edition of the eCW Podcast, host Brian Saal and Marzia Fatima, from the Business Development and Enterprise Strategy Group at eClinicalWorks, explore key features of the eClinicalWorks EHR — including some innovations and several existing but sometimes overlooked tools. They focus on how these features can help medical practices of all sizes and specialties streamline their front-office workflows, concentrate their efforts on direct patient care, and promote better medical outcomes.

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This edition of the eCW Podcast examines how better patient experiences and better patient outcomes are both the product of more effective use of Population Health solutions. When providers use these solutions for their patients with chronic conditions, those transitioning among care settings, and those in need of behavioral health services, the result can be more unified and holistic care and better outcomes.

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Following up on your patients’ referrals is a critical part of ensuring thorough care. eClinicalWorks® offers providers an easy way to gain greater visibility into referral details.

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Regularly updating your EHR is vital for enhancing usability and patient safety. With the V11.52 series, eClinicalWorks offers enhancements for drug interaction checks, uncoded allergies, electronic Rx workflows, and flu clinics and reminder campaigns, and better voice recognition for daily documentation of patient care.

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Find out how patient-facing technology has helped patients become more engaged in their own health, improved processes for clinical staff, and continues to pave the way for a tech-friendly healthcare world with tools such as online appointment booking for PrimeCARE Medical Clinic, a 28-provider group with four locations throughout central and southern Arkansas.

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If your doors remain open, patients might keep coming to your practice during a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. But Georgia’s Dekalb Pediatric Associates wasn’t taking any chances. By using the full range of Patient Engagement tools from eClinicalWorks® and healow®, including online booking, telehealth, and contactless check-in, they have both ensured continuity of care throughout the pandemic and helped further empower families.

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The eClinicalWorks® Vaccine Administration Management Solution functions is helping practices book, manage, and document vaccine administration, track shot inventory, and handle billing and reporting.

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Listen to this eCW Podcast to learn how Internists Associates of Ridley Park, Pennsylvania has used healow TeleVisits™, healow CHECK-IN™, eClinicalMessenger® campaigns, and healow Pay to maintain continuity of care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic while enhancing safety and meeting the expectations of their 8,800 patients.

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At Lighthouse Family Medicine in Colleyville, Texas, Dr. Kenneth LeCroy and colleagues are using eClinicalWorks® and healow® to keep up with patient volumes and improve satisfaction. They are engaging patients through eClinicalMessenger® and blast emails, including letting them know where they can get COVID-19 vaccines. eClinicalWorks Scribe® has made mobile documentation a breeze, and Kiosk means better previsit planning and an end to the clipboard questionnaires dreaded by patients and providers alike!

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Wearable health devices are revolutionizing healthcare, adding critical, real-time information about patients to the wealth of data available from primary care and specialty providers, hospitals, clinics, and payers. In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, Melissa Alexander explains how the healow app integrates with a growing array of wearable health devices, from blood pressure cuffs and health monitors to glucometers and scales — and how information from such devices quickly becomes a useful part of the patient’s health history. 

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As healthcare has shifted from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement models, payers and providers alike have faced the challenge of sharing the patient data necessary to support claims and meet reporting requirements. As Frank Vo explains, healow Insights empowers payers and providers alike, providing for discrete EHR data, point-of-care alerts, and faster medical record retrieval. Payers and providers alike can now enjoy a full encrypted and secure solution for their data exchange needs. 

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Effective interoperability has long been sought as the “holy grail” to improving healthcare. From a once-elusive goal, interoperability is now within reach of physicians everywhere thanks to the growing strength of nationwide networks, including Commonwealth® Health Alliance and Carequality. Hussie Elhaj, a member of the Business Development and Enterprise Strategy Team, explains how eClinicalWorks practices now exchange an astounding 2.5 million patient records each day, meaning providers have the most complete and up-to-date clinical data to guide better medical decision-making. 

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Listen to CEO William Kurtycz explain how Hyndman Area Health Center used eClinicalWorks Business Optimizer (eBO®) and the eClinicalWorks® Chronic Care Management module to close gaps in care and improve quality measures. Training and support teams from eClinicalWorks helped get the practice set up and running, enabling them to take full advantage of the capabilities of the eClinicalWorks EHR and integrated Population Health tools.

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Hear how Michelle Hurtt was able to leverage multiple tools from eClinicalWorks® and measure and track their effectiveness. Kiosk and Messenger Campaigns have helped create a more efficient front office workflow for Allied Physicians of Michiana. Listen as Michelle Hurtt explains how both HEDIS® and eBO® analytics were used to track and display results.

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Dr. Steven Lamie discusses how healow TeleVisits™ and the CCM module have reshaped the Chronic Care Management program at the Thirlby Clinic. He explains how they have recently adopted healow CHECK-IN™ and healow® Open Access® into their workflow to create a more efficient process for their patients.

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David Uptagrafft, Director of Operations at Innova Primary Care, shares how his practice was able to overcome the challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Innova Primary Care was able to operate without any gaps in care thanks to telehealth, online appointment booking, the eClinicalWorks® Chronic Care Management module, and healow Pay™ with card on file.

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We spoke with Renee Oateof Primary Care of Southwest Georgia and found out how she was able to use healow TeleVisits to manage the coronavirus pandemic and to maximize usage of available resources from eClinicalWorksThey were able to pull reports quickly and effectivelygenerate widespread notifications, and continue to provide care to all of their patients.

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Ashley Clement describes how Southeast Community Health Systems made the switch to the eClinicalWorks® EHR at the end of 2019With the use of different training aids and marketing materials, the health center was able to notify their patients of their telehealth adoption during the COVID-19 pandemicAshley Clement explains how they combined features of the EHR with healow TeleVisits™ to continue meeting their patients' needs.

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Palak explains how orthopedic specialty groups have effortlessly added healow TeleVisits to their workflows during the pandemic. Televisits are helping cut down on no-shows, integrating seamlessly into the eClinicalWorks EMR, and working in conjunction with Patient Portal and healow Open Access™ appointment booking.

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Amandeep describes how pediatric groups have taken to eClinicalWorks telehealth solution and are using all the tools eClinicalWorks has to offer — from campaign notifications to customizable questionnaires and wearable tracking devices. She emphasizes the optimal user experience and how televisits can be accessed across many different device platforms while being completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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Minesh discusses how gastro specialty groups are using televisits to provide a more efficient patient experience, and how eClinicalWorks is regularly enhancing the software to make it even more accessible to both the patient and provider. He shares how a Florida gastro group is helping to prevent unnecessary urgent care visits.

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Jimeet speaks about how patients have been asking for televisits, and how, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have finally gained traction. Behavioral health specialty groups have benefited greatly from the eClinicalWorks telehealth solutions, which have made physicians more easily accessible to their patients.

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Listen as Dr. Jeff Gelblum Sr. of First Choice Neurology out of Florida describes the practice’s shift to using healow TeleVisits almost exclusively during the COVID-19 pandemic. From chronic care appointments to new patient visits, patients of all ages enjoyed learning how to adapt to this new way of interacting with their provider virtually from the comfort of their own home.  

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The pandemic has shown practices that engagement and satisfaction are the most important factors for patients. For a practice to be successful in today’s environment, they must continue to grow and evolve to meet all their patients' needs and expectations. Hussein Elhaj discusses how expanded service surveys, wearable tracker data, Patient Portal access, Chronic Care Management (CCM,) and Transition Care Management (TCM) services are a few of the products that continue to help drive patient care. Change is inevitable; the patient experience will be what sets a practice apart from all the rest.

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As practices begin to reopen, rather than reverting to the old ways of operating, many offices realize this is a great opportunity to reshape their Patient Engagement. In this podcast, Sidd Shah explains the need for reformatting the appointment process during the COVID-19 era. From automating the office visit through text message notifications and reminders to contactless check-in, the entire appointment has been conveniently streamlined for the patient.

Direct download: Reinvent_Series_Episode_02_Appointment_Process_FINAL_AUDIO.mp3
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Rakhee Langer explains how the front office can easily move to digital visits with convenient online appointment booking from healow Open Access and payment collection using healow Pay. Telehealth continues to be the way most patients prefer to meet with their providers. healow is constantly working to enhance their products, from screen sharing to tracker integration. Hear what’s new and what’s on the horizon for healow TeleVisits™.

Direct download: Reinvent_Series_Episode_01_The_Digital_Front_Office_FINAL_AUDIO.mp3
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Pioneer Physicians Network, an independent physician group in Northeast Ohio, has used PCMH recognition and participation in CPC+ to develop a more structured and disciplined approach to care. As a result, the network realized the value of opening after-hour clinics to serve patients who would otherwise continue to go to local emergency departments. The network is now improving ED utilization, controlling costs, and better understanding the urgent care needs of their patients.

Direct download: Pioneer_Physicians_Network_AUDIO.mp3
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Palmer College of Chiropractic Clinics needed a flexible and integrated EHR system. They wanted one system, one database, and one patient record and eClinicalWorks was the answer. After switching to eClinicalWorks, they used data to standardize their workflows and improve internal processes for patients, students, and providers.

Direct download: Palmer_College_of_Chiropractic_Clinics_AUDIO.mp3
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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, Compass Medical explains how they use eClinicalWorks templates and Order Sets to create a workflow to identify and screen patients at risk for lung cancer. Nearly 3,000 patients have been screened thus far, with numerous cases of early-stage cancer detected and treated.

Direct download: Compass_Medical_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Nestled in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains, the Telluride Medical Center is 65 miles from the nearest hospital and faces a unique set of challenges in providing care to a community of 5,000 people that can increase to 25,000 or more during the height of ski season. In this live edition of the eCW Podcast, Practice Manager Paula Scheidegger, RN, and Kathryn Beck, RN, discuss how they use the eClinicalWorks EHR and Population Health tools to meet the challenges of daily documentation, improve the continuity of care, and obtain the visibility they need, from the practice level, to care teams, to individual patients.

Direct download: NC19_Telluride_Medical_Center_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Eagle Physicians and Associates has always been committed to obtaining complete patient information to guide medical decision-making. With the rise of nationwide interoperability networks, Dr. Robert Fried has taken a leading role in helping shape systems that can ensure maximum visibility of each patient's record. Today's interoperability solutions are meeting that goal in ways that cost less — in time and money — than the point-to-point interfaces of old.

Direct download: Eagle_Physicians_Interoperability_Final_AUDIO.mp3
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North Carolina's Eagle Physicians and Associates have taken a leading role in developing a culture of patient safety, working both within the eClinicalWorks EHR and with an advisory group of physicians and pharmacists to develop and implement ever stronger guidelines for safe use of EHR technology.

Direct download: Eagle_Physicians_Patient_Safety_Final_AUDIO.mp3
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When MMR Healthcare started using Transition Care Management from eClinicalWorks, they learned the chronic heart failure, falls, and influenza were the leading causes for hospital readmissions among their patients. With unified dashboards to keep all providers informed about each case, they have improved compliance with follow-up appointments, helped patients with their medications, improved patient education around diet and lifestyles, and reduced their hospital readmission rate down to 10-12%, well below the national average of 18%.

Direct download: MMRHealthcare_TCM_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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For Dr. Martha R. Rodriguez, Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding is really a language of its own, and one that today’s practices must learn in order to effectively deliver quality care and manage their budgets. The HCC module from eClinicalWorks has helped her practice more accurately risk-stratify patients, leading to better care. Providers at MMR Healthcare are thinking differently than before, and speaking a common healthcare language — with dramatically improved results.

Direct download: MMRHealthcare_Risk_Stratification_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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While MMR Healthcare had always provided chronic care, in 2014 they begun using the CCM module from eClinicalWorks. They partnered with a local pharmacy college, increased contact with vulnerable patients in-between visits, and avoided unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions. While few patients with chronic illnesses are cured of them, the CCM program has helped educate patients, keep them in closer touch with the practice, and improved their quality of life.

Direct download: MMRHealthcare_CCM_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Dr. Martha R. Rodriguez used to have data nightmares every time her practice was inundated with lists from insurers showing gaps in patient care. Since using the HEDIS module and dashboard from eClinicalWorks, her practice now has templates that can work with real-time data to proactively close those gaps in care. Plus, knowing which patients need which tests allows them to easily create Messenger campaigns for more effective patient outreach.

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The eClinicalWorks EHR is a powerful tool for transforming any medical practice, but too often practices don't take full advantage of all that eClinicalWorks has to offer. With Optimization Services, providers get the on-site training they need to maximize the utility and value of their healthcare IT. The tools are all there — our experts can help you make full use of them.

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Patients are most vulnerable when transitioning from an acute care setting back to their primary care provider and home. Reducing readmissions requires proactive management of patients — reconciling medications, ensuring the home setting is safe, and keeping in close contact with the patient. With Transition Care Management from eClinicalWorks, Adult Medicine of Lake County is tracking patients in real time, getting actionable data at the point of care, and lowering readmission rates.

Direct download: Adult_Medicine_of_Lake_County_TCM_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Accurate risk-stratification is essential for any practice to succeed with value-based care. Adult Medicine of Lake County enjoys high HEDIS® scores — which both reflects quality care delivery and has given them leverage in negotiating managed-care contracts. The practice no longer waits weeks for patient data and can better track their snowbird patients in-between appointments. Better data means better tracking, leading to higher reimbursements and the ability to expand service to their patient population.

Direct download: Adult_Medicine_of_Lake_County_HEDIS_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Adult Medicine of Lake County has taken the guesswork out of coding by implementing Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding for all patient visits. More accurate patient information supports quality care. With all six of the practice’s providers having ready access to a list of care gaps for each patient, the encounter is more productive, and Adult Medicine is eliminating that end-of-the-year rush to close gaps in care. At the same time, better coding helps support higher reimbursements.

Direct download: Adult_Medicine_of_Lake_County_HCC_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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With Chronic Care Management from eClinicalWorks, Adult Medicine of Lake County went from zero CCM patients to 800+ in 10 months. They are addressing patients’ needs beyond periodic, 15-minute appointments. CCM coordinators stay in touch with patients, building real relationships. Clinical staff enjoy better visibility into patient cases. Many patients who would previously have been hospitalized are now treated at a walk-in clinic. And compliance and patient satisfaction rates have skyrocketed.

Direct download: Adult_Medicine_of_Lake_County_CCM_Podcast_AUDIO_V2.mp3
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Adult Medicine of Lake County, serving a largely geriatric population in a rural area north of Orlando, Florida, has successfully implemented interoperability solutions through eClinicalWorks. Exchanging patient data and tracking each patient’s history have been key factors in providing high-quality care to their patients, who include many seasonal residents; controlling costs by improving visibility and thus reducing redundant and unnecessary tests; and even deterring patients who may be seeking an office visit solely to obtain an opioid prescription.

Direct download: Sunday_Interoperability_Adult_Medicine_of_Lake_County_AUDIO.mp3
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As a relatively new and fast-growing Federally Qualified Health Center, Centerpoint Health of Ohio needed to find ways to ensure that they were properly coordinating the arrays of health services they offer, including medical, dental, pediatrics, behavioral, and OB/GYN services. With the help of eClinicalWorks, the health center has access to the analytical tools they need to ensure they are providing high-quality care and closing gaps in care — and have achieved recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Direct download: Sunday_PCMH_Centerpoint_Health_Audio.mp3
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At the 2018 National Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, eClinicalWorks’ Brian Saal sat down with Jose Rocha, director of Neurosciences Corporation in Florida, to find out how First Choice Neurology’s many providers are using interoperability solutions to reduce costs and improve the continuity of care across dozens of practice locations. Now, with eClinicalWorks, the latest patient records are just a few clicks away — promoting better quality care and lowering the risk of physician burnout.

Direct download: Audio.mp3
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There was a time when eClinicalWorks was steering providers away from dictation products. But today’s EHRs have come of age, and feature seamless integration with voice-to-text technologies that are giving providers the power, flexibility, and freedom to document Progress Notes more easily — and more accurately — than ever before. Rory Glowik, a member of the Business Development team at eClinicalWorks, explains what’s behind the dictation renaissance, and how eClinicalWorks Scribe is helping doctors save precious minutes with every encounter throughout their work day.

Direct download: Scribe_Podcast_FINAL_AUDIO.mp3
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Without effective ways to access and organize what’s clinically relevant in an ocean of patient data, providers and practices will remain lost at sea. Farah Saeed, an expert in interoperability at eClinicalWorks, explains how, through participation in nationwide networks, providers can enjoy access to the all the patient data they need while retaining their eClinicalWorks EHR. And eClinicalWorks is going still further, with development of the Prizma health information search engine to help doctors focus on the most important and clinically relevant data needed to improve patient care.

Direct download: Interoperability_Podcast_-_AUDIO.mp3
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Today’s EHR is a powerful tool for documentation, capable of doing just about anything the physician requires to deliver quality care safely. But the key to successful use lies in having a powerful virtual assistant capable of helping the doctor navigate the functions and features of the EHR without losing their place. In this podcast episode, eClinicalWorks experts explore how Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, is helping physicians streamline their workflows. From filling prescriptions and booking appointments to comparing Progress Notes, recalling patient records, checking for drug interactions, and much more, Eva is destined to be your office superstar.

Direct download: Eva_FINAL_AUDIO.mp3
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Founded in 1929, the Christie Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare services to thousands of patients through more than 20 locations in Champaign, Illinois and surrounding communities in East-Central Illinois. They have successfully implemented a full suite of Patient Engagement tools to improve access to the more than 35 specialties they offer. More than two-thirds of the clinic’s 180 providers use healow Open Access® for online appointment booking, and many patients have access to their records through the MyCare Patient Portal, supported by a help desk where even senior managers take a turn interacting directly with patients.

Direct download: Saturday_Interoperability_First_Choice.mp3
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Two Florida practices joined the eCW Podcast to discuss how they are using healow TeleVisits to better serve patients who may not need or be able to make a physical office visit every time they need medical services. Amber Folk, CEO at The Clark Clinic, discussed how a rural practice used telemedicine for advanced care planning, follow-up visits, and to answer families’ medication questions. Dr. Prasanthi Reddy at Jacksonville’s Rainbow Pediatric Center explained how her practice has successfully implemented TeleVisits to serve families of children with ADHD who need to check with their providers every few months.

Direct download: Telemedicine_NC_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Florida’s Gastro Health has been with eClinicalWorks only since April 2017, but this is already their third National Conference! As Dr. James S. Leavitt explained during a Saturday Podcast, implementation is just the beginning of the eClinicalWorks experience. His practice putting the software to full use, including Scribe to speed documentation and reduce the risk of physician burnout. Gastro Health brought 18 team members to Nashville, and had daily huddles to plot their strategy for getting the most out of the Conference.

Direct download: Saturday_Highlighted_Podcast_Gastro_Health_AUDIO.mp3
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The Door, a busy New York City health center serving youth ages 12-24 with primary care, mental health, career and legal guidance, art, and even nutrition classes, needed more effective ways to deliver the comprehensive range of services they offer. After attending the 2017 eClinicalWorks Health Center Summit in Boston, they recognized that healow Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Services was the best strategy for them. With training and marketing assistant from the PRM team, The Door has improved workflows and communications internally, and provided their patients with new tools that are keeping them more involved and engaged with the health center than ever.

Direct download: Friday_Highlighted_Podcast_The_Door.mp3
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In this edition of the eCW Podcast, host Brian Saal chats with Rakhee Langer, Business Lead for Patient Engagement, about how healow TeleVisits and healow Virtual Waiting Room are transforming healthcare. By giving patients and providers alike easier ways to handle many routine visits and check-ups, TeleVisits is helping make optimal use of healthcare resources, while expanding access to both primary care and specialty services, particularly for clinics and patients in rural areas of the country.

Direct download: Televisits_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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Physicians everywhere are required to check state databases when prescribing prescription drugs to their patients. But until now there has been no easy way for them to check databases from other states. That's why Deborah Wade and others at eClinicalWorks, in association with APPRISS Health, are building a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program integration that will make such checks as easy as clicking a button — leading to better and safer medicine across the nation.

Direct download: PDMP_7_AUDIO.mp3
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In this episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, host Adam Siladi sits down with eClinicalWorks' own Brian Saal to discuss how Eva, the industry's first virtual assistant, is helping busy practitioners with documentation. Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, can compare Progress Notes, check patient balances, and even allow providers to view videos, without interrupting their workflow or losing context!

Direct download: Eva_Podcast_FINAL_AUDIO_1.mp3
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MACRA and MIPS changed the healthcare reimbursement landscape beginning in 2016. Two years later, providers have largely adjusted to the new rules, are meeting the reporting requirements, and have now turned their attention to finding ways to improve their performance. In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host Adam Siladi and Pooja Shah, a senior analyst at eClinicalWorks, sort out what's new, what's changed, and what providers need to know in order to continue to succeed.

Direct download: MACRA_MIPS_AUDIO_1.mp3
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In the latest episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, we chat with Christine Barboza, practice manager at Allergy & Asthma Care in Taunton, Massachusetts. Christine explains how the eClinicalWorks allergy module’s integration with the Progress Note streamlines workflows at her practice, giving practitioners the tools they need to deliver high-quality care while keeping patients fulling informed. With eClinicalWorks, Allergy & Asthma Care has eliminated ink-edit documents, increased efficiency, and simplified billing.

Direct download: Allergy_Asthma_Podcast_AUDIO_FINAL.mp3
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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, we speak with Jocelyn Restrepo, a nurse practitioner at Rainbow Pediatric Center in Jacksonville, Florida, who discusses how the practice has successfully implemented healow TeleVisits for their patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A three-month trial run showed that healow TeleVisits could save parents and providers alike the time and trouble of having patients come to the office for routine appointments. Now, the practice is considering expanding TeleVisits to improve compliance with other quality measures, including for patients with asthma and diabetes.

Direct download: Rainbow_Peds_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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The cornerstone of patient-centric care is collaborative care planning. In this live eCW Podcast from the 2017 National Conference, Dr. David Zalut from Kennedy Health Alliance outlined how an integrated healthcare delivery system helps the organization serves its patients.

Direct download: Kennedy_Health_Audio.mp3
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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, Dr. Amar Shah shares how Patient Relationship Management Services from eClinicalWorks transformed his primary care practice. Customized marketing materials and training have meant that a remarkable 60% of the practice’s patients are now using the healow Patient Portal, far ahead of national averages for similar Patient Engagement products.

Direct download: Prime_Care_Audio_2.mp3
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River Road Medical Group is a small primary care office in Eugene, Oregon, and an eClinicalWorks customer for more than 10 years. Josie Van Scholten joined our live eCW Podcast at the 2017 National Conference to discuss how River Road developed and carried out effective Patient Engagement strategies.

Direct download: Audio_River_Road.mp3
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Live from the eClinicalWorks National Conference, Pecos Valley Medical Center joins the eCW Podcast to explain how eClinicalWorks technology — in combination with a relentless focus on training — has helped their Federally Qualified Health Center deliver quality, affordable care to all in need.

Direct download: Pecos_Audio.mp3
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Recorded live, in this eCW Podcast from the eClinicalWorks National Conference, Candice Levy, Senior Director of Clinical Operations from Bluestone Physician Services, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, explains how eClinicalWorks helps improve the care of elderly patients at assisted living communities and group homes that they serve.

Direct download: BlueStone_Audio_1.mp3
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Healthcare produces lots of patient data, but practices and payers aren’t always on the same page. In this live eCW Podcast from the eClinicalWorks National Conference, Rohit Shinde from the healow Insights team joins host Brian Saal to discuss how medical record retrieval and closing gaps in care can help health plans reduce overhead costs, improve compliance, and boost Star ratings.    

For more information contact

Direct download: healow_Insights_Audio.mp3
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eCW Podcast host Adam Siladi chats with Amanda Babbitt from Granger Medical Clinic to discuss how interoperability, Patient Engagement and 10e are enhancing their organization.

Direct download: Granger_Podcast_AUDIO_1.mp3
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Brown Clinic isn’t the biggest clinic in the Midwest, but don’t let size fool you. With self-trained superusers on board, this Watertown, South Dakota practice has employed the full power of eClinicalWorks to achieve PCMH recognition, take on the challenge of Chronic Care Management, and find success as a new Accountable Care Organization.

Direct download: Brown_Clinic_Podcast_Part_2_AUDIO.mp3
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Brown Clinic isn’t the biggest clinic in the Midwest, but don’t let size fool you. With self-trained superusers on board, this Watertown, South Dakota practice has employed the full power of eClinicalWorks to achieve PCMH recognition, take on the challenge of Chronic Care Management, and find success as a new Accountable Care Organization.

Direct download: Brown_Clinic_Podcast_Part_1_AUDIO.mp3
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How can doctors get more face-to-face time with their patients? How can healthcare organizations help to reduce healthcare costs for their patients? Dr. Gregory "Duke" Carlson from TexomaCare explains how he values face-to-face care and the methods he utilizes to maximize that time. With the assistance of eClinicalWorks, TexomaCare has implemented a team approach, helping to drastically improve the delivery of care and achieve ACO goals.

Direct download: TexomaCare_AUDIO.mp3
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Dr. Thomas Kelly and his business associate, Ahmed Elmanan, knew medicine and business, respectively, when they began Shore Community in December 2011. What they didn’t fully appreciate were the specific challenges that come with running a healthcare business. eClinicalWorks has helped them every step of the way, from EHR/PM for documentation and workflows to RCM for billing, and a Population Health programs and measures, including PQRS, Meaningful Use, HEDIS dashboards, and much more.

Category:general -- posted at: 10:28am EDT

In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host Adam Siladi sits down with Dr. Todd Stivland, CEO and founder of Bluestone Physician Services, and Sarah Keenan, Chief Clinical Officer and President of innovative care at Bluestone, to discuss how they have used technology for chronic care management, and where they are headed in the value-based future of healthcare.

Direct download: BlueStone_Audio.mp3
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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host, Adam Siladi, talks interoperability with eCW’s own Tushar Malhotra. The pair discuss eClinicalWorks’ footprint within the healthcare interoperability world.

Direct download: Interop_AUDIO.mp3
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This episode of the eCW Podcast looks at the critical role we all play in ensuring patient safety. Host Adam Siladi chats with eClinicalWorks’ CMO and co-founder Dr. Raj Dharampuriya about building a culture of safety, and key steps that developers and clients alike can take.

Direct download: Patient_Safety_Podcast_AUDIO.mp3
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How does an established practice use EHR Innovations to enhance care? Find out how in this episode of the eCW Podcast. We spoke with Josie Van Scholten, from River Road Medical Group in Eugene, Oregon, about how eClinicalWorks offers tools to improve the delivery of care.

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The Acute Care EHR - One Unified Medical Record

In this episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, host Adam Siladi discusses eClinicalWorks 10i Actue Care Electronic Health Record with Millie Shinn, Director of Clinical Informatics from Hamilton General Hospital.

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Leveraging Population Health

On this LIVE eCW Podcast from the eClinicalWorks National Conference, Ed Worthington, Director of IT, from Northern Physicians Organization joins our host, Brian Saal, to discuss how his organization utilizes eClinicalWorks Population Health Management.

Direct download: Leveraging_Population_Health_AUDIO.mp3
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Interoperability Solutions

Committed to providing affordable interoperability to all customers, the eCW Podcast team invited Dave Cassel, Director of Carequality, Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance, and Tushar Malhotra, product lead for interoperability at eClinicalWorks to outline the rise of interoperability and how providers are ensured to have complete and accurate patient information.

Direct download: Interoperability_AUDIO.mp3
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Granting Wishes for One Child at a Time

The eCW Podcast team had the opportunity to speak with Arianne Philion, development manager at Give Kids the World, about how the foundation grants wishes to children who are suffering
with a life-threatening illness.

Direct download: Give_Kids_the_World_AUDIO.mp3
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Customization of the System

Filmed live at the eClinicalWorks National Conference, the eCW Podcast team spoke with Dr. Manish Shah, from Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, about optimizing the flexibility and customization of the electronic health record.

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Cloud-Centric Acute Care EHR

In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host, Adam Siladi speaks with Dr. Michener, Chief Medical Officer at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, about the advantages of a cloud-based electronic health record in an acute care setting.

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