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The Acute Care EHR - One Unified Medical Record

In this episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, host Adam Siladi discusses eClinicalWorks 10i Actue Care Electronic Health Record with Millie Shinn, Director of Clinical Informatics from Hamilton General Hospital.

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Leveraging Population Health

On this LIVE eCW Podcast from the eClinicalWorks National Conference, Ed Worthington, Director of IT, from Northern Physicians Organization joins our host, Brian Saal, to discuss how his organization utilizes eClinicalWorks Population Health Management.

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Interoperability Solutions

Committed to providing affordable interoperability to all customers, the eCW Podcast team invited Dave Cassel, Director of Carequality, Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director of CommonWell Health Alliance, and Tushar Malhotra, product lead for interoperability at eClinicalWorks to outline the rise of interoperability and how providers are ensured to have complete and accurate patient information.

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Granting Wishes for One Child at a Time

The eCW Podcast team had the opportunity to speak with Arianne Philion, development manager at Give Kids the World, about how the foundation grants wishes to children who are suffering
with a life-threatening illness.

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Customization of the System

Filmed live at the eClinicalWorks National Conference, the eCW Podcast team spoke with Dr. Manish Shah, from Wesley Chapel Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, about optimizing the flexibility and customization of the electronic health record.

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Cloud-Centric Acute Care EHR

In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host, Adam Siladi speaks with Dr. Michener, Chief Medical Officer at Comanche County Memorial Hospital, about the advantages of a cloud-based electronic health record in an acute care setting.

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