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In the final episode of our Community Health Centers (CHC) Florida series, Adam Siladi sits down with Lynn Blankenship, Information Services Analyst, to discuss the healow Messenger campaigns. She explains how CHC has been wildly successful by rolling out yearly visit reminders, thus effortlessly engaging their patients. With 32 other available campaigns, Lynn expressed her interesting in utilizing many more to gain further insight into their patient population. Watch to learn more on how healow Messenger campaigns can improve your practice.

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This is an eCW Podcast series in which we spoke with patients, doctors, nurses and the front-office staff at Grove Medical Associates in Auburn, Massachusetts, and chronicled their progress.

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The fourth and final episode in the eCW Podcast series at Grove Medical concludes by examining the results after three months. By using healow and the tracking devices patients had substantial progress –losing a significant amount of weight and even helping save a patient life after he suffered a heart attack.

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The third episode in the eCW Podcast series at Grove Medical focuses on the different aspects of technology that made the home health monitoring project possible. Our partners, iHealth and Withings, provided tracking devices for each patient that allow them to participate in the program. Speaking with industry experts, physicians and the patients, the episode focuses on these three elements: the devices that measure health metrics, the app that let’s patients see all their data, and how physicians review the information.

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The eCW Podcast series continues at Grove Medical as we are introduced to another batch of patients. We learn the personal struggle some had trying to lose a few pounds, wanting to get off of blood pressure medication or a desire to manage and prevent Diabetes. In this episode we learn how technology can help manage the most pressing chronic care diseases through healow home health monitoring. Patients will outline their concerns dealing with these concerns and realize their own goals and expectations.

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The eCW Podcast series continues at Grove Medical as we are introduced to another batch of patients. We learn the personal struggle some had trying to lose a few pounds, wanting to get off of blood pressure medication, or preventing or managing diabetes.

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One in a series of episodes on how an organization demonstrated improved outcomes with Electronic Health Records. Adam Siladi, our host for the 7th episode in the eCW Podcast season 2, sits down with Margaret Brennan, CEO of Community Health Centers, for the first of four shows in a series analyzing an organization that has received the HIMSS Davies award. In this episode, the two discuss the complexities health centers face daily. The pair examine how eClinicalWorks helps the CHC become more streamlined. Margaret also outlines the benefits of having all patient data and information located on one comprehensive electronic health system. Listen now to learn more. Stay tuned for the remaining episodes in the series, which will be released over the next month.

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In the 6th episode of the second season of eCW Podcast, our host, Adam Siladi, discusses eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) with Dr. Lalita Matta and Andreia Medeiros from Marlborough Internal Medicine. The practice is one of the first eClinicalWorks customers and has stayed loyal ever since. They were excited to adopt and implement RCM to reap the many benefits the program provides. Thus far the program has helped make the billing process easier and more streamlined. Watch now to learn how the workflow in your practice can drastically improve by utilizing RCM.

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We spoke with Dr. Vinaya Gavini, from Gavini Pediatric & ADHD Clinics, about his success integrating healow into his practice. Dr. Gavini’s patients have found booking appointments through healow is more convenient and easier, as they can complete on their own time, rather than waiting for office hours.

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In the fourth episode of the 2nd season of eCW Podcast, our host, Adam Siladi, discusses patient engagement using healow with Shari Crooker of Gwinnett Center Medical Associates. Her organization focuses on internal medicine and sees over 130 patients a day, ranging from five years old to 109.


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How can you get paid more while seeing fewer patients? Watch the third episode of eCW’sPodcast Season 2 to find out how. We sat down with Dr. Pavan Anand, from Naples Internal Medicine, to discuss how the eClinicalWorks Chronic Care Management (CCM) has helped patients reduce hospital visits, as well as creating health goals for each patient and helping them meet those goals. For more information go to and register for the free CCM Introduction webinar or send any questions to

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“The Little Things” Podcast - eClinicalWorks customers were interviewed about how the technology has helped to revolutionize their practices. This episode highlights the many different features that eClinicalWorks announced in 2014.

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Find out how you can instantly connect with thousands of medical professionals and care providers. We met with Jennifer Styron-Ripa, CFO from Arkansas Heart Hospital, about its seamless transition from NextGen to eClinicalWorks after Making the Switch.

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At the forefront of the accountable care movement in the pediatric environment is Children’s Health Network, where we visited for our final Season One episode. Chad Johnson, CEO, Dave Overman, President and COO, and Kelly Lemieux, Pediatrician from Children’s Health Network, discussed the benefits of CCMR and its ability to enhance care. Chad Johnson has since transitioned to the role of Senior Vice President of Phoenix Children’s Care Network.

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In the 14th episode of the eCW Podcast we discuss with Dr. Biggs, from Amarillo Legacy Medical ACO, how eClinicalWorks provides the tools to improve outcomes. Accountable care organizations (ACOs) and physicians use these insights to assess risk and develop accurate care models, resulting in the improvement of clinical outcomes and the reduction of healthcare costs. Dr. Biggs outlines how eClinicalWorks CCMR is a one-of-a-kind population health management tool that offers intelligent closed-loop analytics for multi-dimensional insights into patient behavior and community health dynamics.

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In the 13th episode of the eCW Podcast, our host, Greg Cusato, sits down with Robert G. Graw Jr. MD, CEO of Righttime Medical Care, and Sam Tripoli, training manager at Righttime Medical Care, to discuss how implementing eClinicaTouch has helped to improve their practice. Sam gives Greg insight on how their staff only uses the eClinicalWorks EHR on their iPads, and how it was extremely easy for them to learn how to utilize it to the best of their ability.

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In our 12th eCW Podcast episode, live from the eClinicalWorks National Users Conference, we discussed with Dr. Mark McNeill of Trillium Family Medicine how the Patient Portal has increased productivity and greatly improved care. With 80 percent of patients active on the portal, the practice has 70 percent of all appointments scheduled by patients on the portal using the real-time scheduling function. Also, prior to each visit, patients are required to complete a web-visit questionnaire, to get equipment ready ahead of time, or to set aside more time for an expectedly difficult visit.

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to better engage your patients? In our live podcast from the eClinicalWorks National Users Conference, our host, Adam Siladi, sits down with Dr. Abney from Cambridge Pediatrics and Dr. Nance, CEO and Founder of WellessenceMD, to discuss the opportunities eClinicalWorks has delivered to keep their patients engaged.


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