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The eCW Podcast series continues at Grove Medical as we are introduced to another batch of patients. We learn the personal struggle some had trying to lose a few pounds, wanting to get off of blood pressure medication, or preventing or managing diabetes.

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One in a series of episodes on how an organization demonstrated improved outcomes with Electronic Health Records. Adam Siladi, our host for the 7th episode in the eCW Podcast season 2, sits down with Margaret Brennan, CEO of Community Health Centers, for the first of four shows in a series analyzing an organization that has received the HIMSS Davies award. In this episode, the two discuss the complexities health centers face daily. The pair examine how eClinicalWorks helps the CHC become more streamlined. Margaret also outlines the benefits of having all patient data and information located on one comprehensive electronic health system. Listen now to learn more. Stay tuned for the remaining episodes in the series, which will be released over the next month.

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