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In the 13th episode of the eCW Podcast, our host, Greg Cusato, sits down with Robert G. Graw Jr. MD, CEO of Righttime Medical Care, and Sam Tripoli, training manager at Righttime Medical Care, to discuss how implementing eClinicaTouch has helped to improve their practice. Sam gives Greg insight on how their staff only uses the eClinicalWorks EHR on their iPads, and how it was extremely easy for them to learn how to utilize it to the best of their ability.

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In our 12th eCW Podcast episode, live from the eClinicalWorks National Users Conference, we discussed with Dr. Mark McNeill of Trillium Family Medicine how the Patient Portal has increased productivity and greatly improved care. With 80 percent of patients active on the portal, the practice has 70 percent of all appointments scheduled by patients on the portal using the real-time scheduling function. Also, prior to each visit, patients are required to complete a web-visit questionnaire, to get equipment ready ahead of time, or to set aside more time for an expectedly difficult visit.

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