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Palak explains how orthopedic specialty groups have effortlessly added healow TeleVisits to their workflows during the pandemic. Televisits are helping cut down on no-shows, integrating seamlessly into the eClinicalWorks EMR, and working in conjunction with Patient Portal and healow Open Access™ appointment booking.

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Amandeep describes how pediatric groups have taken to eClinicalWorks telehealth solution and are using all the tools eClinicalWorks has to offer — from campaign notifications to customizable questionnaires and wearable tracking devices. She emphasizes the optimal user experience and how televisits can be accessed across many different device platforms while being completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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Minesh discusses how gastro specialty groups are using televisits to provide a more efficient patient experience, and how eClinicalWorks is regularly enhancing the software to make it even more accessible to both the patient and provider. He shares how a Florida gastro group is helping to prevent unnecessary urgent care visits.

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Jimeet speaks about how patients have been asking for televisits, and how, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have finally gained traction. Behavioral health specialty groups have benefited greatly from the eClinicalWorks telehealth solutions, which have made physicians more easily accessible to their patients.

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Listen as Dr. Jeff Gelblum Sr. of First Choice Neurology out of Florida describes the practice’s shift to using healow TeleVisits almost exclusively during the COVID-19 pandemic. From chronic care appointments to new patient visits, patients of all ages enjoyed learning how to adapt to this new way of interacting with their provider virtually from the comfort of their own home.  

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