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The eClinicalWorks EHR is a powerful tool for transforming any medical practice, but too often practices don't take full advantage of all that eClinicalWorks has to offer. With Optimization Services, providers get the on-site training they need to maximize the utility and value of their healthcare IT. The tools are all there — our experts can help you make full use of them.

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Patients are most vulnerable when transitioning from an acute care setting back to their primary care provider and home. Reducing readmissions requires proactive management of patients — reconciling medications, ensuring the home setting is safe, and keeping in close contact with the patient. With Transition Care Management from eClinicalWorks, Adult Medicine of Lake County is tracking patients in real time, getting actionable data at the point of care, and lowering readmission rates.

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Accurate risk-stratification is essential for any practice to succeed with value-based care. Adult Medicine of Lake County enjoys high HEDIS® scores — which both reflects quality care delivery and has given them leverage in negotiating managed-care contracts. The practice no longer waits weeks for patient data and can better track their snowbird patients in-between appointments. Better data means better tracking, leading to higher reimbursements and the ability to expand service to their patient population.

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Adult Medicine of Lake County has taken the guesswork out of coding by implementing Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding for all patient visits. More accurate patient information supports quality care. With all six of the practice’s providers having ready access to a list of care gaps for each patient, the encounter is more productive, and Adult Medicine is eliminating that end-of-the-year rush to close gaps in care. At the same time, better coding helps support higher reimbursements.

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With Chronic Care Management from eClinicalWorks, Adult Medicine of Lake County went from zero CCM patients to 800+ in 10 months. They are addressing patients’ needs beyond periodic, 15-minute appointments. CCM coordinators stay in touch with patients, building real relationships. Clinical staff enjoy better visibility into patient cases. Many patients who would previously have been hospitalized are now treated at a walk-in clinic. And compliance and patient satisfaction rates have skyrocketed.

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