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In this edition of the eCW Podcast, we explore how Sun Life Family Health Center, a federally qualified Health Center in Casa Grande, Arizona, has made effective use of the payer data they obtain through healow Insights. The service has been a key to obtaining the data and insight they need to close gaps in care, derive greater value from annual Medicare wellness visits, and improve their Star ratings. The improved compliance has led to higher reimbursements, realizing $1.2 million in additional revenue in one year, and permitted providers to focus on patients’ long-term care.
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Abbreviating medications and procedures may be convenient, but physicians today are learning to break old habits and are avoiding abbreviations that can be misinterpreted and lead to patient harm.

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New price transparency rules from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services required hospitals and hospital-owned organizations to post machine-readable files in plain language that will allow patients to generate estimates for what they will pay for a given medical service. By using the healow Price Transparency tool, medical organizations can comply with CMS rules and gain a competitive advantage by attracting business from consumers who want to know upfront what their out-of-pocket costs will be. For more information book a meeting here: 

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Is your practice still billing patients with paper statements, incurring the costs of printing and postage, putting up with errors, and waiting weeks or even months to get paid? There is a better solution! healow Payment Services lets patients make copayments or settle balances at any point during the cycle of care. Payments can be made through your website, a secure text link sent to a smartphone, or the Patient Portal. In today's healthcare, speed, efficiency, and convenience matter. healow Payment Services provides all three, boosting patient satisfaction while lowering your practice's days in A/R.
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The latest eClinicalWorks Behavioral Health module offers Bridge Community Health Clinic, an FQHC in Wausau, Wisconsin, the tools they need to deliver quality care. Dr. Dakota Kaiser, Clinical Director of Behavioral Health, cites phased treatment plans, the Data, Assessment, and Plan tool, integrated timer, in-place editing, and new options to protect patient confidential as key features for his organization.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pioneer Physicians Network, a 70-provider organization in the Greater Akron, Ohio area decided to “right size” their practice. They used Revenue Cycle Management services from eClinicalWorks to shift burdensome work off their staff, allowing them to maximize the effectiveness of existing personnel and resources. Pioneer centralized their eligibility processes, made check-in more efficient, reduced days in A/R by up to 25%, has improved collections, and enabled providers to meet their quality benchmarks more consistently.

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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, Farah Saeed, a member of the Interoperability Team at eClinicalWorks discusses the importance of practices received ADT (admission, discharge, and transfer) notifications from hospitals for patients under their care. By enabling Direct messaging and using the eClinicalWorks Transition of Care Notifications dashboard, practices can keep up with the status of their patients moving among care settings, helping to ensure they are delivering the best possible care.

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