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David Uptagrafft, Director of Operations at Innova Primary Care, shares how his practice was able to overcome the challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic. Innova Primary Care was able to operate without any gaps in care thanks to telehealth, online appointment booking, the eClinicalWorks® Chronic Care Management module, and healow Pay™ with card on file.

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We spoke with Renee Oateof Primary Care of Southwest Georgia and found out how she was able to use healow TeleVisits to manage the coronavirus pandemic and to maximize usage of available resources from eClinicalWorksThey were able to pull reports quickly and effectivelygenerate widespread notifications, and continue to provide care to all of their patients.

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Ashley Clement describes how Southeast Community Health Systems made the switch to the eClinicalWorks® EHR at the end of 2019With the use of different training aids and marketing materials, the health center was able to notify their patients of their telehealth adoption during the COVID-19 pandemicAshley Clement explains how they combined features of the EHR with healow TeleVisits™ to continue meeting their patients' needs.

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Palak explains how orthopedic specialty groups have effortlessly added healow TeleVisits to their workflows during the pandemic. Televisits are helping cut down on no-shows, integrating seamlessly into the eClinicalWorks EMR, and working in conjunction with Patient Portal and healow Open Access™ appointment booking.

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Amandeep describes how pediatric groups have taken to eClinicalWorks telehealth solution and are using all the tools eClinicalWorks has to offer — from campaign notifications to customizable questionnaires and wearable tracking devices. She emphasizes the optimal user experience and how televisits can be accessed across many different device platforms while being completely secure and HIPAA-compliant.

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Minesh discusses how gastro specialty groups are using televisits to provide a more efficient patient experience, and how eClinicalWorks is regularly enhancing the software to make it even more accessible to both the patient and provider. He shares how a Florida gastro group is helping to prevent unnecessary urgent care visits.

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Jimeet speaks about how patients have been asking for televisits, and how, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have finally gained traction. Behavioral health specialty groups have benefited greatly from the eClinicalWorks telehealth solutions, which have made physicians more easily accessible to their patients.

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Listen as Dr. Jeff Gelblum Sr. of First Choice Neurology out of Florida describes the practice’s shift to using healow TeleVisits almost exclusively during the COVID-19 pandemic. From chronic care appointments to new patient visits, patients of all ages enjoyed learning how to adapt to this new way of interacting with their provider virtually from the comfort of their own home.  

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The pandemic has shown practices that engagement and satisfaction are the most important factors for patients. For a practice to be successful in today’s environment, they must continue to grow and evolve to meet all their patients' needs and expectations. Hussein Elhaj discusses how expanded service surveys, wearable tracker data, Patient Portal access, Chronic Care Management (CCM,) and Transition Care Management (TCM) services are a few of the products that continue to help drive patient care. Change is inevitable; the patient experience will be what sets a practice apart from all the rest.

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As practices begin to reopen, rather than reverting to the old ways of operating, many offices realize this is a great opportunity to reshape their Patient Engagement. In this podcast, Sidd Shah explains the need for reformatting the appointment process during the COVID-19 era. From automating the office visit through text message notifications and reminders to contactless check-in, the entire appointment has been conveniently streamlined for the patient.

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Rakhee Langer explains how the front office can easily move to digital visits with convenient online appointment booking from healow Open Access and payment collection using healow Pay. Telehealth continues to be the way most patients prefer to meet with their providers. healow is constantly working to enhance their products, from screen sharing to tracker integration. Hear what’s new and what’s on the horizon for healow TeleVisits™.

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Pioneer Physicians Network, an independent physician group in Northeast Ohio, has used PCMH recognition and participation in CPC+ to develop a more structured and disciplined approach to care. As a result, the network realized the value of opening after-hour clinics to serve patients who would otherwise continue to go to local emergency departments. The network is now improving ED utilization, controlling costs, and better understanding the urgent care needs of their patients.

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