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There was a time when eClinicalWorks was steering providers away from dictation products. But today’s EHRs have come of age, and feature seamless integration with voice-to-text technologies that are giving providers the power, flexibility, and freedom to document Progress Notes more easily — and more accurately — than ever before. Rory Glowik, a member of the Business Development team at eClinicalWorks, explains what’s behind the dictation renaissance, and how eClinicalWorks Scribe is helping doctors save precious minutes with every encounter throughout their work day.

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Without effective ways to access and organize what’s clinically relevant in an ocean of patient data, providers and practices will remain lost at sea. Farah Saeed, an expert in interoperability at eClinicalWorks, explains how, through participation in nationwide networks, providers can enjoy access to the all the patient data they need while retaining their eClinicalWorks EHR. And eClinicalWorks is going still further, with development of the Prizma health information search engine to help doctors focus on the most important and clinically relevant data needed to improve patient care.

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Today’s EHR is a powerful tool for documentation, capable of doing just about anything the physician requires to deliver quality care safely. But the key to successful use lies in having a powerful virtual assistant capable of helping the doctor navigate the functions and features of the EHR without losing their place. In this podcast episode, eClinicalWorks experts explore how Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, is helping physicians streamline their workflows. From filling prescriptions and booking appointments to comparing Progress Notes, recalling patient records, checking for drug interactions, and much more, Eva is destined to be your office superstar.

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Founded in 1929, the Christie Clinic provides comprehensive healthcare services to thousands of patients through more than 20 locations in Champaign, Illinois and surrounding communities in East-Central Illinois. They have successfully implemented a full suite of Patient Engagement tools to improve access to the more than 35 specialties they offer. More than two-thirds of the clinic’s 180 providers use healow Open Access® for online appointment booking, and many patients have access to their records through the MyCare Patient Portal, supported by a help desk where even senior managers take a turn interacting directly with patients.

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Two Florida practices joined the eCW Podcast to discuss how they are using healow TeleVisits to better serve patients who may not need or be able to make a physical office visit every time they need medical services. Amber Folk, CEO at The Clark Clinic, discussed how a rural practice used telemedicine for advanced care planning, follow-up visits, and to answer families’ medication questions. Dr. Prasanthi Reddy at Jacksonville’s Rainbow Pediatric Center explained how her practice has successfully implemented TeleVisits to serve families of children with ADHD who need to check with their providers every few months.

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Florida’s Gastro Health has been with eClinicalWorks only since April 2017, but this is already their third National Conference! As Dr. James S. Leavitt explained during a Saturday Podcast, implementation is just the beginning of the eClinicalWorks experience. His practice putting the software to full use, including Scribe to speed documentation and reduce the risk of physician burnout. Gastro Health brought 18 team members to Nashville, and had daily huddles to plot their strategy for getting the most out of the Conference.

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The Door, a busy New York City health center serving youth ages 12-24 with primary care, mental health, career and legal guidance, art, and even nutrition classes, needed more effective ways to deliver the comprehensive range of services they offer. After attending the 2017 eClinicalWorks Health Center Summit in Boston, they recognized that healow Patient Relationship Management (PRM) Services was the best strategy for them. With training and marketing assistant from the PRM team, The Door has improved workflows and communications internally, and provided their patients with new tools that are keeping them more involved and engaged with the health center than ever.

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In this edition of the eCW Podcast, host Brian Saal chats with Rakhee Langer, Business Lead for Patient Engagement, about how healow TeleVisits and healow Virtual Waiting Room are transforming healthcare. By giving patients and providers alike easier ways to handle many routine visits and check-ups, TeleVisits is helping make optimal use of healthcare resources, while expanding access to both primary care and specialty services, particularly for clinics and patients in rural areas of the country.

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Physicians everywhere are required to check state databases when prescribing prescription drugs to their patients. But until now there has been no easy way for them to check databases from other states. That's why Deborah Wade and others at eClinicalWorks, in association with APPRISS Health, are building a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program integration that will make such checks as easy as clicking a button — leading to better and safer medicine across the nation.

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In this episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, host Adam Siladi sits down with eClinicalWorks' own Brian Saal to discuss how Eva, the industry's first virtual assistant, is helping busy practitioners with documentation. Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, can compare Progress Notes, check patient balances, and even allow providers to view videos, without interrupting their workflow or losing context!

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MACRA and MIPS changed the healthcare reimbursement landscape beginning in 2016. Two years later, providers have largely adjusted to the new rules, are meeting the reporting requirements, and have now turned their attention to finding ways to improve their performance. In this episode of the eCW Podcast, host Adam Siladi and Pooja Shah, a senior analyst at eClinicalWorks, sort out what's new, what's changed, and what providers need to know in order to continue to succeed.

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In the latest episode of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, we chat with Christine Barboza, practice manager at Allergy & Asthma Care in Taunton, Massachusetts. Christine explains how the eClinicalWorks allergy module’s integration with the Progress Note streamlines workflows at her practice, giving practitioners the tools they need to deliver high-quality care while keeping patients fulling informed. With eClinicalWorks, Allergy & Asthma Care has eliminated ink-edit documents, increased efficiency, and simplified billing.

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In this edition of the eClinicalWorks Podcast, we speak with Jocelyn Restrepo, a nurse practitioner at Rainbow Pediatric Center in Jacksonville, Florida, who discusses how the practice has successfully implemented healow TeleVisits for their patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. A three-month trial run showed that healow TeleVisits could save parents and providers alike the time and trouble of having patients come to the office for routine appointments. Now, the practice is considering expanding TeleVisits to improve compliance with other quality measures, including for patients with asthma and diabetes.

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The cornerstone of patient-centric care is collaborative care planning. In this live eCW Podcast from the 2017 National Conference, Dr. David Zalut from Kennedy Health Alliance outlined how an integrated healthcare delivery system helps the organization serves its patients.

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In this episode of the eCW Podcast, Dr. Amar Shah shares how Patient Relationship Management Services from eClinicalWorks transformed his primary care practice. Customized marketing materials and training have meant that a remarkable 60% of the practice’s patients are now using the healow Patient Portal, far ahead of national averages for similar Patient Engagement products.

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