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Discover how custom reports in the eClinicalWorks Business Optimizer™(eBO®) can enhance patient care by offering a more comprehensive understanding of your patient population. In this podcast, we speak with Ron Franklin, Senior Health Information Analyst at Hampton Roads Community Health Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, about how implementing custom reports has given them better insight into their practice. Learn about the custom productivity report that tracks patient visits, allowing them to close gaps and increase provider productivity. With the help of these reports, Hampton Roads has managed to improve its overall productivity from 60% to 75% and aims to reach 90% in the future. Ron also shares a hack for using eBO without interruptions. Harness the power of custom reports and transform the effectiveness of your practice.

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The eCW Podcast speaks with Geli King-Brown, senior director of quality management at Healing Hands Ministries (HHM), about how her organization is expanding its locations and services to extend healthcare to those who can’t afford it. Geli discusses how the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) program has helped the organization standardize the care it provides by establishing policies, procedures, and workflows. By using eClinicalWorks® PCMH and HEDIS analytics, HHM can identify subgroups of their patient population with specific conditions or diseases and see the quality improvement process around them. With the embedded reports, Geli and her team can efficiently track and monitor their progress, share those results with their patients, and highlight healthcare champions at work. The game-changing result is that Geli and her team can identify what works and what doesn’t while continuously striving to improve their care.

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