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This is an eCW Podcast series in which we spoke with patients, doctors, nurses and the front-office staff at Grove Medical Associates in Auburn, Massachusetts, and chronicled their progress.

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The fourth and final episode in the eCW Podcast series at Grove Medical concludes by examining the results after three months. By using healow and the tracking devices patients had substantial progress –losing a significant amount of weight and even helping save a patient life after he suffered a heart attack.

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The third episode in the eCW Podcast series at Grove Medical focuses on the different aspects of technology that made the home health monitoring project possible. Our partners, iHealth and Withings, provided tracking devices for each patient that allow them to participate in the program. Speaking with industry experts, physicians and the patients, the episode focuses on these three elements: the devices that measure health metrics, the app that let’s patients see all their data, and how physicians review the information.

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The eCW Podcast series continues at Grove Medical as we are introduced to another batch of patients. We learn the personal struggle some had trying to lose a few pounds, wanting to get off of blood pressure medication or a desire to manage and prevent Diabetes. In this episode we learn how technology can help manage the most pressing chronic care diseases through healow home health monitoring. Patients will outline their concerns dealing with these concerns and realize their own goals and expectations.

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